Adhesive Application Equipment

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Adhesive Application Equipment

As part of Chemique’s Total Service Package, our engineers can develop, build, and install an array of application equipment to suit the needs and budgets of virtually any company

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Many of our adhesives can be applied either manually or automatically by rolling, beading or spraying, complementing a wide variety of production methods and requirements.

Some of our most popular application methods include:

  • Automatic systems
  • Manual systems
  • Portable systems

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Spray Booth Parts & Consumables

We offer a range of spray booth filters and accessories that include a tool balancer, overhead rail and carriage.

Recommended Spray Booth Filters

Variety of filters suitable for your needs

Spray Booth Accessories

Choose from a selection of accessories


Application Rollers & Guns

We offer a variety of adhesive rollers in various sizes and application guns to suit many different requirements.

Adhesive Rollers

Available in three different sizes

Application Guns

For various adhesive types


Application Equipment – For use with Axil range of adhesives

We offer a range of pump systems that are ideally suited for our Axil range of manufacturing adhesives.

Graco Fast Flow Pump Systems

Choice of one or two spray guns

Pressure Pot with Spray Gun

2.8 gallon pot and spray gun

½” Diaphragm Pump Spray System

Wall mounted pump system


Application Equipment – For use with Woodtak hot melt adhesives

DuraBlue L Series melters have been designed for the precise dispensing of hot melt adhesives. This easy to operate, low maintenance melter is available in three sizes –  4, 10 or 16 liter capacity.

DuraBlue – Adhesive Melters

For use with hot melt adhesives


Application Equipment – For use with Solfre range of adhesives

Our portable adhesive application systems have been specially designed and built for the precise metering and dispensing of our polyurethane adhesives from our Solfre range.

One-Component Portable Rake System

For use with one-part polyurethane adhesives

PDS – Adhesive Dispensing System

For use with two-part polyurethane adhesives

PBS – Adhesive Dispensing System

For use with two-part polyurethane adhesives



Developed to protect storage drums, tanks and intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) during use and operation, Chemique’s E1003 desiccator is the ideal solution to protect adhesives from moisture contamination.


Self-contained moisture control device


Engineering Services

Whether you’re looking for some equipment advice, require an on-site trial or have an issue with a spray gun or supply line, then we can help! We can assist in maximizing efficiency and productivity with an adhesive application solution ideal for your business.

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