Our range of adhesives are suitable for various types of mattresses

During the past few years there has been a dramatic change in the way that consumers purchase a mattress, with a significant move towards ordering a mattress online and having it delivered next day, to your door as a ‘bed in a box’.

To enable mattress manufacturers to bond substrates together, the correct adhesive is required to ensure that the finished mattress can be packaged in a box, delivered to the recipient and then unpacked, safe in the knowledge that the mattress will successfully return to and maintain its original shape.

Adhesives for the mattress market

Chemique Adhesives in conjunction with SABA Adhesives & Sealants have long been established as a major supplier of adhesives to the UK mattress market, offering both hot melt and water-based variants. In providing a complete package, we also offer a selection of adhesive application equipment ranging from simple hot melt and water-based units, as well as working with international manufacturers of fully automated application systems.

Chemique and SABA have a complete range of both hot melt and water-based adhesives designed specifically for this purpose. These adhesives have several years of service history with many leading UK mattress manufacturers.

Our range of mattress adhesives are suitable for the manufacture of spring, pocket spring and foam mattresses or any combination due to the chemistry and application technique of the adhesives and all have the added benefit that they can be roll packed immediately.

Adhesive systems for immediate roll packing

We have a choice of two adhesive systems that allow immediate roll packing and are often used side by side in a production environment. The first type is a specially designed hot melt system that provides sufficient tack to transfer across all substrates and achieve a bond without retaining a ‘pressure sensitive tack’. This allows the mattress to reform when unpacked, avoiding any pinching or being misshaped.

The second system is an advanced thermo setting water-based adhesive, that is used in conjunction with a roller coater and a drying oven. This “Produce & Pack” system also allows the mattress to be roll packed immediately, again avoiding any pinching issues and with no damp or unpleasant odours.

If “produce and pack” is not a suitable option for your mattress bonding, we can offer alternative adhesive and application systems to suit your specific requirements.

Advancements in mattress adhesive solutions

Many UK mattress manufacturers use a more traditional pressure sensitive type of hot melt adhesive that is suitable for those producers using hand applied systems, where a longer tack time is required, for example, when making up the layers of a mattress. While our products do provide an extended tack time, we have also developed an adhesive that provides a longer open time when manually constructing a mattress but with the advantage of reduced ‘crackling’ noise associated with traditional pressure sensitive types.

If a water-based adhesive is more suited to your requirements, then we also have a full range of one and two component adhesives, that include high tack grades which allow for a lower coat weight of adhesive to be used resulting in a faster drying time. To accompany this, we also offer all the necessary equipment and extraction solutions.

For the more traditional cold cure roller coat systems used, we offer a range of high tack (low coat weight) adhesives available, again, to reduce drying time.

Ongoing technical support for mattress manufacturers

Finally, with our team of engineers who provide ongoing technical support and the offer of service contracts, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that Chemique will be there for you when you need us.

For further information on mattress adhesives from Chemique, contact us directly by phone or enquire online and one of our dedicated specialists will be happy to respond and discuss your requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.