Manufacturing adhesives for commercial applications


The adhesive requirements of commercial manufacturers can change from business to business, depending on the size and scope of each individual project. Chemique delivers a complete line of adhesives and sealants designed to meet and exceed the highest in production standards.


Adhesives commonly used in manufacturing applications


Cyanoacrylates: Strong and resilient adhesives used in industrial applications where rapid bonding is needed. Ideal for bonding porous or acidic surfaces in a range of materials like plastics, paper, rubber and leather.

Polyurethanes: Fast-curing and robust bonding solutions used in a wide variety of applications. Polyurethanes are ideal for the construction and automotive industries due to their resilience and elastic properties.

Water Based and Solvent Based adhesives: Offering flexible application methods, this vast range includes flammable and non-flammable formulas covering virtually all industrial applications from general assembly to large scale continuous manufacturing facilities.

Solvent-Free: An extremely versatile range of adhesives that offer excellent chemical and moisture resistance. This polyurethane adhesive is available in both one and two component formulas making it ideal for panel lamination, that uses both insulation and honeycomb core materials. View our Solfre range of solvent-free adhesives here

Unsure which adhesive is right for your application? Our technical experts will point you in the right direction.


Commercial Manufacturing markets we serve are:

  • Acoustics
  • Display Equipment
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Equestrian
  • Fibreglass Fabrication
  • Flight Cases
  • Rubber Conversion