Adhesives for the manufacture of mattresses and soft furniture


Manufacturers of mattresses and soft furnishings are continually evolving to make their products more durable, comfortable and safer. Chemique’s research and development team keep up to date with industry requirements so that we can supply the most effective mattress adhesives to our customers.

Our mattress adhesive range can handle any requirement during the construction of mattresses and the adhesion of various foam layers. We understand the need for odourless adhesives, hot melts and water-based adhesives that offer a flexible bond in the assembly of mattresses and soft furniture for a range of natural and synthetic materials and substrates:

    • Natural fibres
    • Polyurethane foam for backing
    • Polyester for cushioning
    • Durable fabric for quilted top layer

Chemique Adhesives is an industry leader in the production of eco-friendly adhesives for soft furniture applications. Speak to us today to find out more about our mattress adhesives range.

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