The Axil range of adhesives and sealants from Chemique Adhesives includes a fast curing, high modulus one component PU adhesive ideal for a wide variety of bonding applications. This high-quality product cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, resilient, elastic rubber compound. This new generation polyurethane sealant utilises a new advanced formulation that improves the rheology and significantly lowers the isocyanate content when compared to more hazardous traditional methods of bonding.

PU sealant applications

Due to its excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and its elastic properties, this adhesive is ideal for application use in the construction, transportation, commercial manufacturing and marine industry. This structural sealant can be easily applied using a standard cartridge caulking gun making it ideal for manufacturing applications of various size and scope.

After curing, a flexible joint is formed which offers excellent weatherproofing properties and slump resistance. This makes it ideal for the sealing and bonding of a variety of materials including FRP, GRP, brick, concrete, metal, plastic, stone and wood. It is perfect for sealing and bonding applications where a fast curing PU adhesive is required and movement and vibration are major considerations.

Benefits of Axil one component PU adhesive:

  • Bonds and seals
  • Excellent cure rate
  • Flexible
  • Superior bond
  • Non-slumping
  • Chemical resilience
  • Allows for paint over
  • Low hazard

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