Rolling Out the Green Carpet: Chemique Adhesives launches a new range of Artificial Turf Adhesives

Rolling Out the Green Carpet: Chemique Adhesives launches new range of Artificial Turf Adhesives

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Chemique Adhesives has recently launched an innovative range of adhesives that have been developed specifically to meet the needs of the artificial turf market. The new Turftak range features a selection of solvent-free, polyurethane adhesives for use in the installation of artificial turf and provides users with versatile, reliable, and easy to use options for bonding a variety of substrates and joining tapes both outdoors, and in more sensitive indoor environments.

“Artificial turf has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and low maintenance so when compared to natural grass it is often seen as an affordable and effective solution for many areas including public gardens, holiday parks, sports facilities and residential settings.” explained Stuart Francis, Managing Director of Chemique Adhesives.

“As a business, we are always committed to offering high performance, quality solutions for a  variety of requirements and the new Turftak range provides customers with adhesive solutions that are suitable for both commercial and residential artificial turf installations. These products offer a strong, permanent bond to a variety of substrates and are especially useful in areas of high foot traffic.” continued Stuart Francis.

Benefits of the Turftak range include excellent bond strength, high initial tack, superior shock absorption and fast setting times that work in a variety of environments.

Products within the range include an easy to use single-component polyurethane adhesive that saves time and energy as it requires no mixing, is fast setting and is easily applied with a notched trowel. Similarly, Turftak 2 is a two-component formula, that provides complete control over the bonding process and is suitable for installation in a variety of weather conditions. Also included in the range is Quiadsa MS Green, a single-component moisture cure SMP (silane-modified polymer) adhesive available in easy to use cartridge form, is UV-stable and has excellent initial tack.

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