Adhesive solutions for foam bonding

Our blog post discusses adhesive solutions for foam bonding and their advantages

The ProAqua brand is a range of water-based sprayable adhesives, and their unique qualities have made it a popular choice in the foam and furniture industry, including foam converting, upholstery, mattress manufacturing, soft furnishings, and automotive seating. Each adhesive in the range has been specially formulated to adhere to a wide range of substrates including foam, cloth, polyester fibre, wood, plastics, and metals.

The range consists of one and two component water-based adhesives, whereby the active component of the adhesive uses water as the carrier. Once the adhesive has been applied, it is through water loss from either evaporation or absorption that the adhesive strength is fully released

Advantages of ProAqua water-based adhesives

ProAqua adhesives share many common advantages. They are solvent-free, therefore do not release any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and although extraction is required when spraying adhesives, once filtered, the air can be recirculated due to the removal of particulates.

ProAqua adhesives are easy to store and as long as they are not allowed to freeze, they can be safely kept in ambient conditions. As the adhesives are water-based, application equipment is easy to clean and maintain, as any wet adhesive can be cleaned using water rather than harsh solvents.

ProAqua 1 – One part water-based adhesive

The ProAqua range includes a one component water-based adhesive that works due to the colloid being broken down through shear forces in the spray nozzle. These forces can be controlled by changing the amount of atomising air and adhesive. Specialist equipment is not required as ProAqua 1 can be applied using a pressure pot and spray gun or by simply being gravity fed, which requires the vessel holding the adhesive to be at least 1.5 m above where it is being applied. This type of adhesive and application method is popular in foam fabrication and the mattress market, as benefits include a soft glue line, excellent heat resistance and fast application.

ProAqua 2 – Two part water-based adhesive

The ProAqua range includes a two component water-based adhesive, which features a second component, often called the activator or part B, that forces the polymer out of the water. The activator is sprayed directly into the atomised spray of the part A during application. This adhesive exhibits the softest of bond lines and has high initial tack. It is ideal for a variety of foam types / densities and can hold difficult to bond substrates in place, even under high tension.


Both one component and two component ProAqua adhesives can be easily applied and ProAqua 1 requires very little equipment, aside from the spray gun and the adhesive, which can be gravity fed.

ProAqua 2 adhesives generally bond to more substrates, provide stronger bonds, and have higher initial tack. Depending on what the substrates are to be bonded will determine which product to choose but our technical team are able to offer specialist advice in choosing the ideal adhesive for your application.

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Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.