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Chemique Adhesives delivers water-based adhesive suitable for foam fabrication applications

For over 20 years, specialist adhesives and equipment from Chemique Adhesives have helped international office furniture manufacturer Ocee Design to produce innovative, attractive and competitive products, allowing the company to achieve and maintain an enviable rate of growth.

Since its establishment in 1985, Chemique Adhesives has been a leader in the development of adhesives and sealants for a variety of industry sectors and applications. The company has always been committed to supporting its customers by using its expertise to analyse their requirements in detail, and offer solutions exactly matched to their needs, as well as providing readily available expert technical support. These were among the reasons that Ocee Design, a Northampton-based manufacturer of commercial office furniture, originally approached Chemique Adhesives.

Ocee Design’s requirement was for a water-based adhesive that could be used in foam fabrication applications, a solution that was easily met from Chemique Adhesives’ extensive product range. Over the past two decades that both companies have been working together, Ocee Design’s needs have grown, and Chemique Adhesives expertise has always been equal to addressing the challenges.

The advice provided by Chemique Adhesives has supported Ocee Design’s success, making it possible for the company to reduce manufacturing times and costs, while achieving consistent high quality across a fast-expanding product range.

Water-based sprayable adhesive

The principal products used by Ocee Design are from Chemique’s two-component ProAqua range. This is an extremely versatile family of environmentally friendly, sprayable water-based adhesives that are superior in performance to their solvent-based counterparts.

Further benefits are that ProAqua adhesives need only a light application to achieve excellent results and the spray equipment used by Ocee Design, which was also supplied by Chemique Adhesives, allows for a very accurate spray pattern to be consistently achieved, with minimal overspray. These features make the adhesives particularly economical to use.

Proven performance in foam fabrication

“We chose the ProAqua range for Ocee Design because of its proven and dependable performance in foam fabrication,” explained Stuart Francis, Managing Director at Chemique Adhesives. “It offers excellent results in the manufacture of high quality office seating, upholstery and bedding. When we demonstrated these results to Ocee Designs, they immediately ordered two spray systems from us, which are still in full working order today. We routinely service the equipment twice a year and, of course, we are always available to deal with any queries or requests that may arise.”

As Ocee Design has grown and developed its product range, Chemique Adhesives has always been able to support the company with new and improved adhesive solutions. At present, Ocee Design is enjoying a period of accelerated growth and is set to double the capacity of its manufacturing facilities. Because of this, it has now commissioned three more adhesive spray systems from Chemique Adhesives.

“We initially contacted Chemique Adhesives to ask for an alternative to our solvent-based adhesives and they offered us ProAqua, which is a great product. The relationship between our two companies has developed from there,” said Ray Hills, Development Manager at Ocee Design. “At the moment we are expanding and will soon be adding new manufacturing and warehouse facilities, so we’ve ordered a new spray booth with a two-gun spray system from Chemique.”

“The delivery deadline is really tight, but we know we can rely on Chemique Adhesives to achieve it,” he continued. “We’ve worked with the company for almost twenty years and have seen its products and services continue to improve and become more innovative. As our projects get increasingly ambitious, one thing we can always count on is the expertise and reliability we get from Chemique Adhesives!”.

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Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.