Manufacturing today for a greener tomorrow

Chemique has always had the goal of working for the environment. In today’s challenging climate of environmental awareness, our adhesives and application methods are designed to meet and exceed the tough technical and commercial demands of the industries we serve. Our commitment to continued research and development for environmentally friendly adhesives ensures that we are at the forefront of adhesive technology, while also complying with current environment regulations. Environmental awareness doesn't end with the adhesives we manufacture. The implementation of reusable or recyclable packaging wherever possible is enabling customers to become more environmentally-friendly in the purchasing of these materials without increasing costs.

Additionally, Chemique meets the rigid requirements of ISO 14001 environment standards. This is another example of our pledge to not only manufacture products with environmental protection in mind, but operate our company as a whole to reduce the impact we have on the environment on a daily basis.

At Chemique we are determined to keep investing in our environment, therefore our future.

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