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A greener tomorrow…

In today’s challenging climate, there has been a growing interest towards environmental responsibility and for many years Chemique Adhesives has been pioneering new and innovative bonding solutions for a range of substrates by offering a less hazardous alternative to traditional solvent-based adhesives. You can read our blog post about making the switch to water-based adhesives here.

Solvent-free adhesives are increasing in popularity as they contribute to a greener future, increased user safety and a reduced environmental impact.

Due to changing regulations, environmental issues and safety factors, we have strived to reduce the hazard for the user by offering a less hazardous alternative to traditional solvent-based adhesives.

Water-based adhesives are a great alternative as they are environmentally friendly and due to the absence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are found in many other adhesives, they minimise the impact of dangerous pollutants.




Making the switch

Our commitment to continued research and development for environmentally friendly adhesives ensures that we are at the forefront of adhesive technology, while also complying with current environment regulations.

Additionally, Chemique meets the stringent requirements of ISO 14001 environment standards. Where possible, we ensure that the materials and resources we use are obtained in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes using renewable or recycled materials and minimising waste.

Let us assist you in making the switch to solvent-free bonding, whilst optimising your bonding systems and practices.

Read our QHSE policy statement HERE

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