Five top adhesive tips for sofa manufacturing

Read our five top tips when considering an adhesive suitable for sofa manufacturing

For most of us, a new sofa represents a high value purchase that we expect to last for many years, if not decades and sofa manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of combining aesthetics with durability, as well as value for money and adhesive choice is a key factor in achieving this.

Choosing the right adhesives can help streamline sofa production and deliver products with greater customer appeal, enhancing competitive advantage and generating financial benefits. Chemique Adhesives, a leading manufacturer and supplier of adhesives and application equipment, offers five top tips for choosing the right adhesive:

1. Use one or two-component soft bond line adhesives for foam

Most sofa cushions are made of foam and the best option for bonding foam components is to use a one or two component soft bond line adhesive. Soft bond line adhesives mean that the characteristic feel and resilience of the foam will be maintained, helping to make the sofa comfortable and appealing.

2. Choose PVA adhesives for frame assembly

PVA adhesive is ideal for frame assembly, providing a strong and reliable bond. Available in a variety of viscosities, PVA adhesive is the ideal choice for timber work, as it is easy to apply and offers excellent creep resistance.

3. For bonding fabric to foam, water-based is the ideal choice

Water-based adhesives are perfect for bonding fabric to foam as they are the ideal solution for holding substrates in place and establish a strong bond, even under high tension. These adhesives do not release any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), provide instant grab and are ideal for all foam types / densities, making them a popular choice in the foam and furniture industry.

4. For bonding foam to frames, think hot melt!

Hot melt adhesives are an excellent choice for bonding foam to frames and being fast-curing, they help to maximise productivity. An important advantage of hot melts is that when compared with staples, they eliminate the dimpling effect and provide a fuller, more comfortable looking sofa with enhanced customer appeal.

5. Hot melt adhesives are ideal for packaging

Hotmelt adhesives are ideal for use on corrugated cardboard boxes that are used to pack finished sofas ready for despatch. They are much more convenient and easier to work with than unsightly sticky tape and allow for a neater looking finished package.

Increasing productivity

There are a variety of adhesives that are suitable for each stage of the furniture manufacturing process, and choosing the correct type can make a substantial difference to productivity and profitability for sofa manufacturers. Safety and environmental concerns should also be considered, keeping in mind that reputable suppliers should be able to offer a full range of low hazard, VOC-free and water-based adhesives.

The most effective way to optimise your sofa manufacturing processes is to work with an expert adhesives partner that can provide advice not only on the adhesives themselves but on every aspect of adhesive selection, storage, and application.

Chemique Adhesives has decades of experience in the manufacture of adhesives and can provide a total service package which includes technical advice, adhesive solutions, application equipment as well as training and maintenance services.

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Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.