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Chemique Adhesives delivers solvent-free adhesive solution for seating manufacturer

Innovative products from Chemique Adhesives have made it possible for Audience Upholstery Ltd to supply upholstered products to Audience Systems Ltd who are a leading designer and manufacturer of seating for sporting and entertainment venues. As a result, Audience Systems saves both time and money, and is able to provide an even more responsive service for its customers. Audience Systems develops, manufactures and installs audience, stadium and theatre seating for customers worldwide, which means that the company has to comply with a wide range of safety and quality requirements.

Therefore, when it was investigating the feasibility of bringing its upholstery operation and seat refurbishing operations back to the UK and setting up Audience Upholstery Ltd, a key factor was whether it could obtain solvent-free adhesive that would reliably provide the necessary exceptional bonding performance. For advice and support in selecting a suitable adhesive, the company approached Chemique Adhesives.

“We were asked to come up with a high-performance alternative to a solvent-based adhesive, which allows for a better manufacturing and application process, as well as a safer working environment,” said Bob Lovegrove, Chemique Adhesives Business Development Manager. “As well as this, additional investment in extraction systems is often needed when solvent-based products are used.”

“Our solution was to offer a two-part water-based adhesive from our ProAqua range, which is a safe, user-friendly product and offers excellent adhesion when bonding foam to wood and plastic. These characteristics, together with ease of application and proven performance, make it the ideal choice for heavy duty applications in seating refurbishment.”

ProAqua 2 is specially formulated for public seating as it provides excellent tack even on difficult substrates and is especially suited to holding materials under high tension. Another advantage is that there is no fabric bleed-through so there is no need for retouching and cleaning after application.

“The solution provided by Chemique Adhesives was exactly what we had been looking for,” enthused Keith Anderson-Hill, Operations Manager at Audience Upholstery Ltd “But it was the Total Service Package offered by Chemique Adhesives that cemented our relationship with them. Chemique designed and installed the equipment, supplied the spray booths and adhesive and it’s great to know that they are always on hand for any maintenance issues we may have.”

“The company took ownership of our project and helped deliver a complete solution which we’re confident will serve us well for many years to come. Nothing is too much trouble for the Chemique guys, and our queries are always answered promptly. In a nutshell, we’re extremely pleased with every aspect of the company’s products and services.”

The Chemique Adhesives Total Service Package includes tailor-made adhesive and sealant solutions combined with full engineering and technical support. Equipment and comprehensive training are also available, and after-sales support guarantees smooth implementation and operations.

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Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.