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Chemique’s strong bond proves a success by providing a two component water-based adhesive

For over 20 years, specialist adhesives and equipment expert Chemique Adhesives has worked with leading UK furniture manufacturer, Boss Design. Chemique has helped Boss Design to produce innovative, high quality products and solutions that boast the many attributes of British engineering, craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

Chemique Adhesives has always been committed to providing its customers with advice and expertise. From this, they have established a strong relationship with Boss Design by being their sole supplier of adhesives and application equipment.

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Solving the solvent problem

During the past two decades that both companies have been working together, Boss Design’s needs have grown, and Chemique Adhesives expertise has always been equal to addressing the challenges faced.

Initially, Chemique supplied Boss Design with a low-solids, solvent based adhesive but as water-based adhesive technology evolved, they were able to help them make the switch.

Dave Smith, Production Manager at Boss Design tasked Chemique with removing solvented adhesives from their main production facility, which was replaced with a two-part water-based adhesive. “ProAqua 2 is a high-performance, user-friendly alternative to a solvent-based adhesive, that allows for a better manufacturing and application process, as well as a safer working environment,” said James Thorpe, Chemique Adhesives Sales Manager.

“Our ProAqua two-part, water-based adhesives are unique in that they offer excellent adhesion to the complete range of substrates used by Boss Design including moulded and cut foams, a range of fabrics, wood and of course, where most struggle, plastics. The bond to plastics when using ProAqua 2 is second to none in the UK and has helped Boss Design win coveted contracts where their clients insist on non-hazardous materials being used”.

ProAqua 2 provides excellent tack even on difficult substrates and another advantage is that there is no fabric bleed-through so there is no need for retouching and cleaning after application.

Delivering more than just adhesives

Chemique also installed a brand-new state of the art adhesive metering system and recirculating extraction system, providing a safer, healthier option that eliminated the need to vent to the atmosphere.

Boss Design were one of the first UK based office furniture companies to successfully switch from solvents and today, the majority of Chemique’s customers within this sector are using one of their water-based adhesives.

Over the years as Boss Design has grown, they have moved to larger premises. Each move has involved Chemique’s engineering team who have dismantled and rebuilt spray booths and equipment as well as making any necessary upgrades.

Of course, Chemique’s renowned ‘Total Service Package’ provides Boss Design with total peace of mind as equipment is regularly serviced and any breakdowns that may occur are dealt with quickly and efficiently. This reduces any down time and as well as this, our engineers are always available to deal with any queries that may arise.

No complaints here

The quality of the adhesives provided by Chemique has meant that over the last twenty years Boss Design has never had an adhesive related complaint on any chair that has been made. Dave Smith explained “The quality of the products and service supplied by Chemique means that I have one less thing to worry about, safe in the knowledge that I have the best adhesives available today and that any breakdown issues are quickly resolved”.

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Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.