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Chemique Adhesives helps building products manufacturer, Mannok to maximise the efficiency of its manufacturing operations.

For two decades, Chemique Adhesives has been the trusted supplier of adhesives to Mannok, a leading building products manufacturer, for its thermal laminate plasterboard manufacturing facility in Ireland. Since the beginning, Chemique has been actively involved in the bonding process of its thermal laminate composite board, which has evolved over the years into a state-of-the-art fully automated bonding line.

In 2012, Chemique Adhesives collaborated with both Mannok and Finishing Design Services (FDS), a specialist machinery manufacturer, to develop an automated process for bonding plasterboard to PIR insulation.

This two-component polyurethane adhesive system proved successful for many years, however, advancements in adhesive and machinery technologies led to the creation of a new, state-of-the-art production line.

Considering future requirements for output and environmental impact, Mannok, FDS, and Chemique Adhesives collectively determined that adopting a PU bead system would be the optimal choice for the new process.

James Thorpe, Sales Manager at Chemique Adhesives commented on the new adhesive, “During the initial testing stages, we were pleased with the performance of the single-part polyurethane adhesive and its excellent bond to the laminated panel. Tailoring the open time and cure time to meet the specific requirements of the application proved successful, and we were delighted with the final outcome.”

The adhesive used is from the Solfre range of polyurethane adhesives and its unique formulation provides superior resistance to chemicals, heat, humidity, and thermal shock.

Switching from a two-part to one-part PU

The switch from a two-part to one-part PU adhesive has provided several benefits to Mannok’s manufacturing process, creating a simplified application process, improved environmental conditions, and the elimination of solvent cleaners.

FDS successfully designed a new laminating production line incorporating the latest technology, and providing a robust, efficient system for Mannok to meet the growing demand for high-quality bonded PIR insulation for their clients. This new machine integrates the latest adhesive technology from Chemique, ensuring the efficient production of panels of the utmost quality.

The new manufacturing system boasts numerous improvements over its predecessor, providing reduced adhesive coat weights with higher bond strengths, lower heating costs, increased production capacity, and an improved working environment for employees.

The system also ensures a more even distribution of adhesive onto each board and the improved manufacturing control capability allows for less employee intervention and reduces downtime.

Gordon Wiggins, Production Manager at Mannok, PIR Insulation facility commented: “Throughout this entire process, the advice and guidance from both Chemique and FDS has been exceptional.

“The implementation of the new line aligns closely with the Mannok 2030 Sustainability Vision and our commitment to the three pillars of our people, the planet, and our partners. It has greatly enhanced our overall manufacturing efficiency, allowing us to produce a resilient PIR laminate plasterboard using 50% less adhesive per unit and requiring 60% less electrical energy compared to the previous system.

“It also facilitates an improved working environment during manufacture for employees as well as reduced long-term environmental impact and zero chemical emissions from the production process.

“Furthermore, it has also increased our laminate plasterboard production capacity meaning we can manufacture higher quality laminate composite products which are more readily available for our customers and to meet market demand.

“Mannok would like to offer a huge thank you to the entire team at Chemique Adhesives and FDS for their communication, collaboration and successful completion of this transition, we look forward to working together on future initiatives that align with our sustainability goals.”

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Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.