Under Chemique’s ‘Total Service Package’ of services and support, our engineers develop, build, and install an array of application equipment to suit the needs and budgets of virtually any company. This enables us to deliver a complete adhesive system from the drawing board to commissioning, eliminating the risk of incompatibility between the adhesive and application equipment. Some of our most popular applicatiapp equipon methods include:

  • Automatic Systems
  • Manual Application
  • Solfre2 Portable Application Systems
  • Water-based Systems

Let us help maximise efficiency and productivity with any adhesive application need within your company.

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spray booth
We offer a range of water based and solvent based spray booths as follows:

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EM10006 - Water Based Bench Booth - 2.2m
EM10007 - Water Based Bench Booth - 3.3m
EM10008 - Water Based Bench Booth - 4.4m

EM10009 - Water Based Deep Bench Booth - 2.2m
EM10010 - Water Based Deep Bench Booth - 3.3m
EM10011 - Water Based Deep Bench Booth - 4.4m

EM10012 - Water Based Walk-In Booth - 2.2m
EM10013 - Water Based Walk-In Booth - 3.3m
EM10014 - Water Based Walk-In Booth - 4.4m

EM10015 - Solvent Based Bench Booth - 2.2m
EM10016 - Solvent Based Bench Booth - 3.3m
EM10017 - Solvent Based Bench Booth - 4.4m

EM10018 - Solvent Based Walk-In Booth - 2.2m
EM10019 - Solvent Based Walk-In Booth - 3.3m
EM10020 - Solvent Based Walk-In Booth - 4.4m

Spray Booth Filters and Accessories:

Application Rollers & Application Guns:
Application Rollers
Application Guns
E10116 - Hot Melt Glue Gun

Axil Application Equipment:
EM6003 - Graco Fast Flow Pump with one spray gun
EM6006 - Graco Fast Flow Pump with two spray guns
EM8021 - Binks 2.8 Gallon Pressure Pot with spray gun
EM8024 - 1/2" Diaphragm Pump Spray System with spray gun

ProAqua Application Equipment:
EM3021 - DuoDek S - Wall Mounted with one gun
EM4032 - DuoDek S - Wall Mounted with two guns
EM4001 - DuoDek S - Stand Mounted with one gun
EM4019 - DuoDek M - Wall Mounted with two guns
EM4009 - CAStainer Kit with gun

Solfre Application Equipment:
EM1090 - Solfre1 Rake System
EM2025 - PDS - Stand Mounted with foot switch activation
EM2031 - PBS - with manual gun
EM2038 - PBS - with hand rake
EM4038 / EM4039 - PBS - with boom arm

E1003 - Desiccator

Spill Pallets:
E10066 - Suitable for 4 x 205 litre drum
E10067 - Suitable for 2 x 205 litre drum
E10068 - Suitable for 1 x 205 litre drum
E10069 - Suitable for 1 x IBC