Hot Melts for Foam Conversion

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Foam conversion

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Hot melts are a type of thermoplastic adhesive that are generally 100% solid and are brought to a liquid state by applying heat.

Protak hot melts offer a technically advanced range of adhesives based on EVA and polyolefin resins, eliminating hazardous solvents from the workplace and creating a healthier working environment.

Designed to endure the most demanding requirements of foam conversion tasks, our Protak range of hot melt adhesives provide a versatile and effective solution for bonding various foam types and densities. They excel in securely adhering to difficult substrates, even under significant tension.

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Foam conversion

Advanced adhesive solutions

For over three decades we have been at the forefront of providing advanced adhesive solutions to a variety of foam conversion companies in the manufacturing sector who offer custom solutions for products such as cushions, mattresses, packaging inserts, seating and insulation.

Offering speed, strength, versatility, and environmental benefits, Protak hot melts have been designed for both automatic and hand applied systems, making them the ideal solution for many production processes.

You can learn more about hot melts by reading our technical paper – An introduction to hot melt adhesives.

Read our CASE STUDY about how we were able to provide a UK manufacturer of specialist insulation with a hot melt adhesive solution.

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