Composite panel adhesives for use in commercial applications

Composite panel adhesives are used in commercial applications to effectively bond several types of substrates and provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of metals and plastics. They are commonly used in construction and transportation sectors for the reliable adhesion of various types of composite panel.

    • Adhesives for honeycomb panels: Most commonly used in the construction industry due to its tensile strength and stress resistance, honeycomb structures made from aluminium, fibreglass and advanced composite materials require a quality bonding solution. This bonding solution must consider a number of factors, including climate or temperature changes, humidity, corrosion and wear.
    • Adhesives for rainscreen panels: Rainscreens are used within the construction industry as a barrier against moisture and are made of any number of materials such as stainless steel, copper or aluminium. Due to the environments that rainscreens are exposed to, rainscreen panel adhesives need to be resistant against the elements and offer superior water or moisture resistance.
    • Adhesives for specialty transportation panels: Used in the manufacture of road vehicles, caravans, motorhomes and marine vessels, specialty transportation panels are designed to be lightweight yet strong. Specialty transportation panel adhesives need to be robust and able to withstand impact from external forces, be resistant to bending and warping and maintain its effectiveness in all environments.
    • Adhesives for structural insulated panels: Structural insulated panels (SIPS) are used in the construction of residential and commercial properties and consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings. For effective adhesion that lasts the lifetime of the panel, structural insulated panel adhesives need to be flexible and resilient against movement, temperature and moisture.

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