Industrial grade adhesives for the transportation industry

We offer a wide variety of industrial grade adhesives that are perfectly suited for various segments of the transportation industry. Whether your business is manufacturing in aerospace, marine, or speciality vehicles, Chemique has a bonding solution for you.

Transportation Markets we serve are:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Marine
  • Rail

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Our specialised range of transportation adhesives

Polyurethanes Adhesives, also known as PU adhesive. This has been formulated to provide specific bonding properties for higher strength constructions and is ideal for motorhomes, marine and truck manufacturing.

Methacrylates Adhesives, a structural adhesive, designed for toughness, flexibility and ease of use. Typical applications include GRP in the marine industry and automotive carbon fibre body panels.

Contact Adhesive, this type of adhesive provides a high-strength joint between two surfaces such as glass, mirrors and wood.

Our marine grade sealant provides a watertight and airtight seal between surfaces on a boat and is designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.