Upholstery Adhesives

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Understanding Upholstery Adhesives

Upholstery can be a complex process involving the meticulous covering and padding of furniture, ranging from armchairs to sofas.

This intricate craft involves adding foam, padding, fabric or leather to furniture frames in order to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product.

Depending on the materials involved and the desired application method, we offer a range of specially developed adhesives tailored to meet the unique demands of upholstery tasks.


Proven Performance

Renowned for their environmental friendliness, low toxicity and user-friendly properties, water-based adhesives are a popular choice for upholstery applications.

We provide a diverse range of formulations to suit your production needs, including solvent-based and hot melt adhesive types. These alternatives offer not just bonding strength but also durability, ensuring that your upholstered pieces stand the test of time.

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Our range of adhesives for upholstery have many benefits including:

Very soft bondline
Excellent bond strength
Instant grab
Ideal for difficult to bond substrates

Recommended Adhesives


Solvent-Based Adhesives

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Water-Based Adhesives

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Hot Melt Adhesives

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Adhesive Application Equipment

Here at Chemique, not only can we assist in helping you find the perfect adhesive but we can also provide the ideal application equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Adhesive Application Equipment

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