Raised Access Flooring Adhesives

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Raised access flooring

Access Flooring

Raised access flooring is an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate,often a concrete floor. This innovative flooring creates a hidden void that is often used for the passage of building services such as cabling, electrical power and HVAC systems.

This type of flooring system is widely used in a variety of buildings including modern offices, data centres, server rooms, call centres and retail premises.

Following the application of a floor sealer, metal pedestals are bonded to the sub-floor. These pedestals serve as the foundation for securely fitting access floor panels, forming a robust and durable bond capable of withstanding heavy loads and foot traffic.




Access flooring adhesive

Tailored Flooring Solutions

Access flooring is a versatile and convenient solution for many types of industrial and commercial applications, providing many benefits including improved ventilation, reduced noise transmission and easy accessibility.

At Chemique, we specialise in delivering tailored solutions for access flooring, including:

  • One component pedestal adhesive
  • Floor sealer
  • Thread-lock adhesive
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Our range of access flooring adhesives have been specifically designed for the following:


Floor Sealing

The specialised composition of our adhesives creates a resilient seal, guarding against moisture, contaminants, and environmental stressors, thereby enhancing the overall durability of your access flooring.

Pedestal Installation

Our adhesive ensures a strong and durable connection between the pedestal and sub-floor, providing stability that is essential for withstanding heavy loads and foot traffic.


Our thread-locking adhesives play a crucial role in enhancing the reliability of threaded connections within the flooring system. By preventing loosening due to vibrations or external forces, our adhesives contribute to the overall integrity of the access flooring structure.

Floor Sealing
Pedestal Installation

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Access Flooring Adhesives

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