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Includes a variety of specially formulated one and two component adhesives for the installation of raised access flooring systems, providing the ideal solution for bonding metal pedestals to concrete. The range also includes a floor sealer and a VOC free thread-locking adhesive.

The Polyped range is ideal for: Floor sealing, Pedestal Installation and Thread-Locking.

Panel Production Products

  • Floor panel manufacturing adhesives
  • Covering adhesive

Site Installation

  • Sub-floor concrete sealers
  • Pedestal adhesives
  • Threadlocking seal

Polyped Floorsealer

Polyped Floorsealer is a highly pigmented, solvent free, waterbased 1 part PVA floor sealer that may be applied by brush, spreader or roller.

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Polyped Threadlock

Polyped Threadlock is a single component polyurethane moisture-curing adhesive.

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If you’re in need of a pedestal adhesive for raised access flooring system installation and/or manufacture, Polyped1 is a solvent free, one component moisture-curing pedestal adhesive that requires no mixing.

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Polyped2 is a solvent free, two component polyurethane pedestal adhesive which has been specially formulated for bonding metal pedestals to concrete when installing raised flooring systems.

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