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With more than 80 years of experience, we are proud to be in partnership with SABA who develop and produce high-quality, innovative adhesives. SABA offers a versatile range of adhesives for foam converting, mattress manufacture and furniture making.

Benefits of SABA adhesives include:

  • Choice of one and two component water-based adhesives to suit a variety of applications
  • High strength
  • Fast Processing
  • Short Drying Times
  • Repositionable
  • Immediate bonding to smooth, non-porous materials
  • Spray and Roller applications

SABA offer a comprehensive range of elastic adhesives for a broad range of applications including:

SABA Produce & Pack Adhesives
SABA Produce & Pack is the new standard for producing mattresses more efficiently, reducing costs and improving quality control. SABA Produce & Pack uses unique water-based rollable adhesives with ZERO dry time through the integration of a forced drying step in your production line. The result is process control, efficiency gains and immediate packing of finished goods.

SABA also offer a hot melt adhesive that is primarily used in automatic bonding machines in the mattress industry. It is an ideal solution for bonding flexible foam components to each other, as well as the most commonly used upholstery materials, e.g. interior springs and pressure distributors etc. This hot melt adhesive is suitable for automatic application and is a cost-effective solution that provides a quality, durable bond.

To watch a video of SABA Produce & Pack please CLICK HERE

SABA Plug 'n Spray
Ready-to-use, fully mobile and usable at any location! The only requirement for this adhesive application system is a compressed air connection, then just plug in and spray!
SABA Plug 'n Spray provides a high quality solution for numerous applications and is available in two versions - A water-based adhesive ideal for difficult applications, as well as a version for multi-variant applications.

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SABA Zero Overspray - Adhesive Application System
This simple and clean application system provides maximum transfer efficiency as well as a safe working environment.

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