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The Turftak range features a selection of solvent-free, polyurethane adhesives for use in the installation of artificial turf and provides users with versatile, reliable, and easy to use options for bonding a variety of substrates and joining tapes both outdoors, and in more sensitive indoor environments.

There are many benefits to the Turftak Artificial Turf Adhesive range, that include;

  • Fast setting performance grade adhesive
  • Exceptional bond strength, permanently flexible
  • Solvent-free, safe for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Excellent shock absorption and natural response to foot traffic
  • Excellent Bond Strength
  • High Initial Tack
  • Moisture proof, high weather resistance
  • Ideal for commercial, professional and residential turf installations
  • Bonds to all types of turf, underlay and substrates
  • Increased control over bonding process and ease of application
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • Fast setting times that work in a variety of environments


What is included within the Turftak range

Products within the range include an easy to use single-component polyurethane adhesive that saves time and energy as it requires no mixing, is fast setting and is easily applied with a notched trowel.

Similarly, Turftak 2 is a two-component formula, that provides complete control over the bonding process and is suitable for installation in a variety of weather conditions.

Also included in the range is Quiadsa MS Green, a single-component moisture cure SMP (silane-modified polymer) adhesive available in easy to use cartridge form, is UV-stable and has an excellent initial tack.



Turftak 1

Turftak 1 is a solvent-free, easy to use polyurethane adhesive formulated for bonding synthetic turf to a variety of substrates or joining tapes

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Turftak 2

Turftak 2 is a solvent free, two component artificial turf adhesive suitable for a wide range of weather conditions

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Quiadsa MS Green

Quiadsa MS Green

Quiadsa MS Green is a single-component moisture cure SMP (silane-modified polymer) adhesive available in easy to use cartridge form

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