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Aerotak CAS 201FR adhesive has been a well-established formula in the aircraft interiors industry for over 30 years and is internationally recognised by many airlines as a leading product for use in the manufacture of aircraft seat covers.

This non-flammable, sprayable adhesive is suitable for style pad manufacturing and provides a convenient, versatile option for bonding combinations of fabric, leather, foam, e-leather and scrim materials into style pads, utilising a hot press stamping method.

Uncompromising Safety

Aerotak CAS 201FR adheres to the most stringent flammability standards, meeting CS 25.853(a) Amdt.27 App.F Pt.I(a)(1)(ii) & (b)(4) certifications.

This unwavering commitment to safety makes it the preferred choice for airlines prioritising passenger well-being.

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Permanent bond

Aerotak offers exceptional adhesion that is able to withstand the rigorous nature of air travel, ensuring long-lasting seat comfort and functionality.

Established formula

With decades of proven performance, Aerotak is trusted by leading airlines.

Long open time

Aerotak provides long open times that allow for precise application and adjustments.

Soft glue line

Achieve a seamless, aesthetically pleasing finish with a soft glue line that enhances the overall look of your seats.

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Adhesive Application Equipment

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