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Pedestal adhesive

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If you’re in need of a pedestal adhesive for raised access flooring system installation and/or manufacture, Polyped 1 is a one component, moisture-curing pedestal adhesive that requires no mixing.

Developed for pedestal installation and repair / refurbishment applications, this adhesive exhibits a thixotropic nature which helps to gap fill voids between substrates, whilst maintaining the integrity of the bond.

Creating a durable yet flexible bond between pedestal and subfloors, Polyped 1 provides a quick and hassle-free raised floor installation.

Access flooring

Why choose Polyped 1?

  • Performance – Complies with the T15 “pedestal strength” test and the T42 “swinging bag” test
  • Formulation – Single component moisture curing polyurethane adhesive forms a strong yet flexible bond for exceptional adhesion to metal substrates and concrete sub-floors
  • Coverage – Will bond between 200 – 300 pedestals per pack (Dependent on pedestal design and quality of the sub-floor)
  • Adhesive Properties – Thixotropic nature provides good gap filling properties and works for both galvanised and non-galvanised pedestals
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