Truck Panel Adhesives


Truck panel adhesives

Insulated truck panels can be manufactured and bonded together using a wide variety of materials such as foam insulation, GRP, steel, plastics and timber. These types of panels are ideally suited for refrigeration and freezer applications and provide improved insulation, reduced costs and increased long-term efficiency.

Truck panel adhesives meet the stringent demands in manufacturing for many requirements including temperature resistance, rigidity, weather resistance and adhesion to different types of materials.

Temperature resistance in truck panel adhesives

Truck panels can be designed to a required specification depending on what the truck or van will be used for. For example, pharmaceuticals may need to be transported at a certain temperature and food items may need to be transported at a different temperature; whether they need to be refrigerated, frozen or heated. Some trucks will need to be flexible to a number of temperature specifications, meaning that the adhesive solution used should be flexible and the adhesive properties must be able to withstand the different temperature ranges to retain a strong, durable bond.

Benefits of insulated truck panels

Truck container designs have adapted a lot in recent years to improve the running costs of the vehicle, aerodynamics, fuel-efficiency and manufacturing costs. Truck panel manufacturers are no longer using more traditional bonding methods in the assembly of panels, such as bolts, rivets or welding and rather opting for adhesive solutions. The properties listed below are some of the many benefits of truck panel adhesives.

    • Lightweight - vehicle lightweighting is an important factor as the automotive industry strives to design lightweight vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and handling. Lightweight materials are selected to achieve this, including lightweight adhesives.
    • Durable - automotive panels are subjected to stresses caused by movement, vibration, heavy loads and more. Durability is key to ensuring a successful truck panel bond.
    • Weatherproof - truck panel adhesives must withstand all outdoor conditions such as wet weather and UV exposure without compromising their performance properties such as strength and resilience.
    • Tough - the tensile bond strength of truck panel adhesives is a crucial element to consider as they must meet up to stringent demands on the vehicle and need to be as tough as welded or bolted panels.
    • Excellent thermal performance - tuck panel adhesives are designed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures and provide superior heat dissipation properties.

Chemique’s range of truck panel adhesives

Chemique has supplied two-component polyurethane adhesives to the truck panel market for many years, as well as utilising their own application equipment to dispense the adhesive. More recently, Chemique has announced the launch of a newly reinforced two-component adhesive from the Solfre2 range which offers varying open times to suit all manufacturing process times. This new range is successfully being used today by a leading UK manufacturer of refrigerated truck bodies.

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