Total Service Package

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Total Service Package

Your Entire Operation Covered

We’ve got your adhesive requirements covered from start to finish.

For over three decades we have provided Chemique’s Total Service Package and this ensures that you receive the right product, the right application and the right service.

We can assess your entire operation and provide a complete solution that includes personalised designs, equipment recommendations, regular adhesive deliveries, performance checks, maintenance services, training and ongoing support.

Quality Assurance: We are dedicated to producing adhesives of the highest quality, meeting industry standards and customer expectations.

Adhesive Advancements: We continuously invest in research and development to create cutting-edge adhesive solutions that solve every day problems.

Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment to continued research and development for environmentally friendly adhesives ensures that we are at the forefront of adhesive technology, while also complying with current environment regulations.

Customer Focus: We always strive to support our customer base, offering personalised solutions and exceptional customer service.

Tailored Solutions

A tailored solution can provide huge benefits for your business and as part of our Total Service Package,  we can give advice on efficient production methods as well as specific application requirements.

Our engineering and technical team can offer on-going support including:

  • Advice on improving the production process
  • Pre-delivery adhesive & equipment testing
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Servicing of pumps, spray guns and other equipment
  • Engineering call outs and service contracts
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Our Total Service Package* programme includes:

Tailor-Made Adhesive Solutions

We can work closely with a business to provide formulations that suit their particular needs.

Rigorous Quality Control

Our manufacturing and service procedures comply with ISO 9001 quality standards.

Full Engineering and Technical Support

Our experienced team can provide on-going adhesive and technical support.

Product Demos and Samples

Before ordering, a customer can be sure that a product meets their specific requirements.

Comprehensive Training

Full training can be provided on the product and application equipment.

Full Range of Accessories

A full range of accessories and spare parts are available for all standard application equipment.

After Sales Support and Advice

We can provide on-going service and advice on all products and equipment.

*Charges may apply. Contact Chemique Adhesives for further details.
Total Serice Package
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