Making the switch to less hazardous adhesives

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Making the switch…

In today’s challenging climate, there has been a growing interest towards environmental responsibility and for many years Chemique Adhesives has been pioneering new and sustainable bonding solutions.

For businesses who use solvented adhesives as part of their manufacturing processes, now could be an ideal time to review your current work environment.

Making the switch to less hazardous adhesives is a positive change to maximise the productivity of your business, contribute to sustainability initiatives and establish an environmentally friendly workplace.

Our comprehensive product range includes a variety of water-based and hot melt adhesives. Due to their flexibility and practicality, these types of adhesives are an excellent and less hazardous choice for many industries and can also be an economically viable alternative when compared to solvent-based adhesives.


Water-Based and Hot Melt Adhesives

Our range of water-based and hot melt adhesives offer a superior and safer option for numerous industries and have many benefits including:

  • Excellent bond strength
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low hazard
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates
  • Faster assembly times
  • Automatic & manual application


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