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Industrial Adhesives

We're proud to serve a diverse customer base with industrial adhesives of the highest quality. With a wealth of expertise spanning multiple industries, we can guarantee exceptional customer service - get the right product, the right application and the right service you need with Chemique.

  • Commercial Manufacturing
    Commercial Manufacturing

    The needs of commercial manufacturers can change from business to business and project to project. Chemique delivers a complete line of adhesives and sealants designed to meet and exceed the highest of production standards. Read More ...

  • Composite adhesives
    Composite Adhesives

    The composites industry often relies on bonding capabilities that go beyond traditional adhesive methods. Chemique provides a range of composite adhesives to tackle even the most demanding of adhesive requirements. Read More ...

  • Construction adhesives
    Construction Adhesives

    Construction projects range in size and scope requiring a full range of industrial adhesives and sealants to get the job done. Chemique stocks a wide range of polyurethane adhesives, MMA adhesives, contact adhesives and more to help you complete the project on time and on budget. Read More ...

  • Furniture adhesives
    Foam & Furniture

    Masterfully formulated for furniture manufacturing, Chemique offers a complete range of water based adhesives designed for office seating, soft furnishings, mattress manufacturing, and foam converting. Read More ...

  • Portable Construction
    Modular Construction

    Chemique delivers a complete line of adhesives and sealants designed to meet and exceed the needs of those in the modular building and portable construction industry. Read More ...

  • Transportation

    We offer a wide variety of industrial grade adhesives and sealants perfectly suited for various segments of the transportation industry. Whether your business is manufacturing in aerospace, marine, or specialty vehicles, Chemique has a bonding solution for you. Read More ...

Our Product Ranges

From marine adhesives to furniture adhesives, we manufacture and supply directly to you.

With flexible purchasing options, you can buy directly from Chemique or work with our vast network of distributors.

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  • chemique aerotak
  • chemique axil
  • chemique bondseal
  • Chemique CovRez
  • Chemique GA3
  • chemique polyped
  • chemique solfre
  • chemique Sabatack
  • chemique Turftak

We manufacture without compromise

Here at Chemique, we perform a multitude of tests to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the very highest quality. Rigorous testing, batch sampling and optimised storage procedures provides peace of mind that all of our adhesives and sealants consistently meet your exact requirements.

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