A world class provider of industrial adhesives and sealants

Established in 1985, Chemique has become a pioneer in the development of industry-leading adhesives and sealants, while also providing first class service and support to its growing customer base. The experience and dedication to the development of new and innovative products has gained Chemique worldwide respect for its ability to supply a comprehensive range of products to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, commercial manufacturing, composites, construction, furniture, marine, transportation and more.

We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading adhesives and sealants that include solvent free polyurethanes, water based adhesives, hot melts, cyanoacrylates, solvent borne and epoxies. We perform a multitude of tests to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the highest quality, with every batch tested and stored, providing peace of mind that all of our adhesives consistently meet your exact technical specifications. While the chemists work on innovative adhesives, Chemique's engineers focus on application methods, enabling the company to offer customers a unique 'Total Service Package' of adhesives, application equipment, service and support.

We understand the quality of our customer service must always match the quality of the products we produce. Regardless of business size, we have sealants and adhesives to help you streamline production and increase the overall structural quality of your product.

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