Here at Chemique Adhesives, we are dedicated to the production and distribution of the world’s most innovative adhesive solutions. Established in the UK in 1985, our founders recognised the void that existed in the industry for solvent free adhesives. As society’s awareness of environmental preservation became more substantial, so too did the need for more environmentally friendly adhesives. This led to our development of polyurethane adhesives. While our products were instrumental in our growth, our concept of exceptional customer service and support also became a key component to our success. Our Total Service Package, which is a policy that guarantees you get the right product, the right application and the right service, was implemented to ensure the needs of our customers were always being met – both before and after sale.

After a couple of years of sales development in the United States, in 2005, we expanded our operation from Aldridge, UK to Atlanta. Using the same techniques and principals that made us successful in the beginning, our US facility steadily grew and now resides in Kennesaw, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. While our sight of future prosperity is clear, our acknowledgement of the path from which we started, remains paramount.

No matter how large or small the business, we can help manufacturers maximise efficiency in production and improve the overall quality of the final product. Click Here to speak with one of our representatives and learn how Chemique Adhesives might be right for you.