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Elevate Your Commercial Vehicle with Chemique Adhesives

Here at Chemique we offer a range of polyurethane adhesive systems for the commercial vehicle industry, including truck, trailer, bus,  rail transportation as well as refrigerated vehicles, all designed to provide exceptional performance and durability

We offer a range of adhesive options, including one, two, or three-component systems and filled or unfilled, to cater to your specific requirements. Our adhesives can be tailored to your projects, ensuring a perfect fit.

Chemique’s commercial vehicle adhesives are capable of withstanding temperature variations, weather changes, and vibrations, meeting the stringent demands of panel manufacturing as well as being compatible with a wide variety of materials such as foam insulation, GRP, steel, plastics, and timber.

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Long Term Adhesive Performance

For many years Chemique has worked with leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and has a proven track record in delivering long term adhesive performance for many markets, including the bonding of truck panels.

This adhesive is available in a range of cure times and can be applied in a variety of formats as well as being suitable for all pressing methods.

Chemique Adhesives works with a number of adhesive application equipment manufacturers to offer a complete package. Our experienced team of engineers are also available to help with maintenance and servicing requirements that you may have.

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Our range of one and two component polyurethane adhesives have many benefits for the manufacturing of commercial vehicle panels including:

Strong and flexible bonds
Variety of open and cure times
Manual and automatic application methods
Durability and resistance

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Adhesive Application Equipment

Here at Chemique, not only can we assist in helping you find the perfect adhesive but we can also provide the ideal application equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Adhesive Application Equipment

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