Rainscreen Cladding Adhesives

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Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen cladding is an external façade system which helps to deflect moisture and shield from the elements such as wind force and rain fall on a building’s exterior. These types of system can also improve thermal performance and enhance a buildings appearance.

Rainscreens can be manufactured from an extensive range of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, and copper and we can provide an adhesive to suit both the substrate and core.

A two-component polyurethane adhesive is typically used in the construction of rainscreen cladding but depending on the type of core used, a one-component formula is also an option.

building with brightly coloured rainscreen cladding

Durable Bonding Solutions

Rainscreen cladding adhesives provide a reliable and efficient method for installing this type of system and produce a strong and weather-resistant bond that can enhance the appearance and durability of any building.

Available in a range of cure times to suit your production process, our range of PU adhesives can be applied in a variety of formats and are suitable for all pressing methods.

For several years we have partnered with many leading adhesive application equipment manufacturers to offer a complete solution and as well as this, our own team of engineers are always on hand to assist with any maintenance and servicing requirements.

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Our range of PU adhesives have many benefits for the manufacture of rainscreen cladding including:

Strong and flexible bond
Variety of open and cure times
Manual and automatic application methods

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