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Toll manufacture adhesives

For quality, consistency and service, Chemique Adhesives are leading the way in toll manufacture. Our expertise include blending, filling and packaging adhesives, making our products a popular choice in custom adhesive production..

Our production capacity and storage facilities enable us to provide a personal toll manufacture service whereby we can produce and package adhesives to your specific requirements.

With extensive experience spanning over 35 years in the adhesives industry, we understand the importance of delivering a seamless and confidential service.. Our knowledgeable team of expert chemists will work closely with you to ensure that your adhesive products are crafted to the exact formulation and method to suit your specification. Once our rigorous quality control checks have been completed, our highly skilled production team will oversee the manufacture and packing of the final product.

Our manufacturing and service procedures comply with ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental standards, providing peace of mind that all our adhesives consistently meet your exact technical specifications.

Tailored solutions for you

At Chemique Adhesives, we understand that every adhesive product is unique, meaning that manufacturing methods require variation.
We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to suit a wide range of adhesive applications and viscosities.

Our comprehensive range of production mixers is designed to meet the diverse needs of customers from a range of industries.
Our wide range of products includes:

  • Epoxies – Known for their exceptional bonding properties and versatility, Chemique Adhesives can manufacture epoxies tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Hot Melts – Widely utilized for their quick setting properties, hot melts are ideal for packaging, woodworking and a range of other applications.
  • Polyurethanes – Chemique Adhesives are experts in manufacturing solvented / solvent free / filled / unfilled adhesives renowned for their durability and versatility.
  • Solvent Based Adhesives – We can manufacture a range of solvent based adhesives, including SBR, polychloroprene and natural rubber, all possessing exceptional adhesive strength and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Water Based Adhesives – Our water-based adhesives, including polychloroprene and acrylic are known for their eco-friendly and versatile properties. We can produce water-based adhesives that meet your specific viscosity and performance requirements.

With decades of experience in adhesive manufacturing, our chemists collaborate closely with you to provide expert support, our production capabilities ensure that our products are only of the highest quality.

We can assist with your adhesive needs as our reputable accredited manufacturing facility can produce small scale laboratory samples right through to bulk production.

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