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Transportation adhesives

At Chemique Adhesives we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of industrial-grade adhesives and sealants, expertly designed to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of the transportation industry. 

Our expertise extends across a broad range of the transportation sector; whether your business is manufacturing in aerospace, marine, or speciality vehicles, Chemique has the capability to produce adhesive solutions to suit all requirements.

  • Aerospace – Chemique Adhesives excels at delivering adhesives that meet the exacting standards of aircraft manufacturing, providing safety, precision and performance.
  • Marine – The marine industry demands adhesives and sealants that can withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater, UV exposure and extreme temperatures. Our marine grade products deliver the durability required for these environments. 
  • Buses & Coaches – Strong bonding is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Chemique offers formulations that are capable of meeting the stresses of passenger transport.
  • Rail – Adhesives in the rail industry must be able to withstand rigorous conditions, our leading adhesives are designed to provide exceptional strength and reliability for rail applications.
  • Commercial Vehicles – The commercial vehicles sector, including trucks and trailers, depends on reliable adhesives from Chemique that can maintain long-term performance in demanding environments. 
  • RVs & Caravans – The industry of RV’s and caravans requires adhesives that ensure structural integrity and robustness. Products from Chemique are manufactured to the highest standards of quality to provide complete peace of mind.
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Specialized range

  • Polyurethane Adhesives (PU adhesives)

Formulated to provide specific bonding properties for higher strength constructions and are an ideal solution for motorhomes, marine and truck manufacturing.

  • Methacrylate Adhesives

A structural adhesive designed for toughness, flexibility and ease of use. Typical applications include GRP in the marine industry and automotive carbon fibre body panels.

  • Contact Adhesives

This type of adhesive provides a high-strength joint between two surfaces such as glass, mirrors and wood.

  • Marine Grade Sealants 

Provides a watertight and airtight seal between surfaces on a boat. They are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.

Industries Served

We offer a comprehensive range of industrial adhesives to suit a variety of production processes.

Choose from the industries below for more information on suitable adhesives for your business or contact our technical team to discuss any bespoke requirements.


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RV & Motorhomes

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Specialty Vehicles

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Alternative Industries

Choose from the industries below to find out more about the adhesives we can offer for your specific requirements.

Artificial Turf

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Panel Lamination

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Custom Adhesives

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Toll Manufacture

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