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Marine Grade Adhesives

In the marine industry, safety and reliable performance are vital in the construction and maintenance of ships, yachts and other marine vessels and products.

That’s why we develop and supply a range of marine grade adhesives that deliver exceptional performance in various marine applications, including:

  • Commercial shipbuilding
  • Repair applications
  • Internal applications for interiors (including furniture components and soft furnishings)

Reliable Bonding Solutions for Marine Applications

Marine adhesives must provide permanent, high strength bonds with versatile and waterproof properties, making them ideal for crack repairs and general construction works on boats and ships. Selecting the right marine grade adhesive is crucial for ensuring that the adhesive solution can withstand the rigorous demands of marine environments..

As adhesive and ambient temperatures affect the adhesive bonding structure, that can impact the reliability of the application. This is why it is essential to require an adhesive that can withstand extreme high and low temperatures.

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Resilience in Harsh Marine Environments

Our marine adhesives are specially designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, including:
Intense sunlight

As well as temperature effects on adhesives in sunlight, exposure to UV rays can affect the strength of the bond.

Pounding by wind and waves

Movement, such as the swell of the current, can weaken adhesive bonds. Marine grade adhesives are designed to be very strong and to minimize stress to the seal.

Exposure to oil, fuel and other sea pollution

Marine grade adhesives are resilient to the effects of contaminants found in aquatic environments.

Sea water and salt spray

Salt spray causes bonding joints to age quickly and marine adhesives are required in these instances to increase residual strength of the joints.

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Adhesive Application Equipment

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