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Elevate Your Specialty Vehicle Projects with Chemique Adhesives

When it comes to specialty vehicles, you need adhesives that can create a reliable and long-lasting bond.

At Chemique, we offer a range of polyurethane adhesive systems specifically designed for the specialty vehicle industry, including specialty trucks, trailers, buses and refrigerated vehicles.

Whether it’s a one, two or three-component, filled or unfilled system you require, our polyurethane adhesive systems are engineered for superior bonding strength. They ensure that your specialty vehicles, including trucks, trailers, buses, and refrigerated vehicles, remain securely and durably assembled, even under demanding road and environmental conditions.

Our adhesives meet the stringent demands of panel manufacturing and are suitable for a wide variety of materials such as foam insulation, GRP, steel, plastics and timber.

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Advantages of Chemique’s Specialty Vehicle Adhesives

Chemique delivers long term sealant and adhesive performance for many markets, including specialty vehicle manufacturing and the bonding of truck panels.

This adhesive is available in a range of cure times, can be applied in a variety of formats and are suitable for all pressing methods.

Chemique Adhesives works with a number of adhesive application equipment manufacturers to offer a complete package. Our experienced team of engineers are also available to help with maintenance and servicing requirements that you may have.

Contact us today to discuss your adhesive/equipment needs and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Our range of adhesives have many benefits for the manufacture of specialty vehicles, including:

Strong and flexible bonds
Manual and automatic application methods
Variety of open and cure times
Solvent-free & eco-friendly options

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Adhesive Application Equipment

Here at Chemique, not only can we assist in helping you find the perfect adhesive but we can also provide the ideal application equipment to suit your needs and budget.

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