Adhesives for use in the construction industry

Construction projects vary in size and scope, requiring a full range of construction adhesives and sealants to get the job done. Chemique stocks a wide range of polyurethane adhesives, MMA adhesives, contact adhesives and more to help you complete a project on time and on budget.

Construction adhesive applications

Chemique Adhesives understands that no two construction projects are the same. Construction markets benefitting from these adhesives include commercial property, housing, renovations, shop fitting, flooring, panel manufacturing and more. The range of construction adhesives available cover a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Cladding – wall cladding panel adhesives are an alternative to nails or screws. They are designed to be strong, resilient and elastic for resistance to movement or vibration.
  • Flooring – whether it is wood, tile or concrete, Chemique supplies a range of adhesives to suit many types of flooring application.
  • Insulation – our range of insulation adhesives are a reliable and quality solution for the bonding of insulation boards and panels in any environment.
  • PVCu – PVCu applications such as bonding composite doors together, require more than the conventional bonding methods to ensure a long-lasting and effective hold.
  • Raised access flooring – our range of solvent free pedestal adhesives are ideal for use in the installation of raised access flooring systems.
  • SIPS panels – our range of bonding solutions for structural insulated panels are flexible, resilient and designed to last the lifetime of the panel.

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Construction markets we serve include: 

  • Commercial Property
  • Flooring
  • Housing
  • Panel Manufacture
  • Renovations
  • Shop Fitting