Specialist Industrial Adhesive Solutions

The experience and dedication to the development of new and innovative products have gained Chemique worldwide respect for its ability to supply a comprehensive range of products to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, commercial manufacturing, composites, construction, furniture, marine, transportation and more.

Our Adhesive Ranges

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Aerotak is a new range of adhesives designed specifically for the aircraft interiors industry.

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The Axil range covers a variety of high performance water based and solvent based adhesives offering flexible application methods.

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The Bondseal range includes a variety of high end technical adhesives with structural bonding properties.

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The Polyped range includes a range of adhesives, floor sealers and thread locking adhesives for the installation of raised access flooring systems.

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The Solfre range includes a variety of one and two component polyurethane adhesives and can be used to bond many substrates including metal, plastic, wood and foam.

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Sabatack Sealants are a versatile range of products for sealing various substrate materials together.

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