Polychloroprene adhesive, also known as neoprene adhesive glue or neoprene spray adhesive, is an ideal contact adhesive for applications where an instant bond with minor pressure is critical.


Applications of polychloroprene adhesive

Contact adhesives such as Polychloroprene adhesive formulations are commonly used in the HPL (high pressure laminate) and postforming industry for the construction of building panels. Here, metal, wood and plastic sheets are laminated to a wide variety of insulation materials to form a composite panel using polychloroprene adhesive. 

Polychloroprene adhesive is ideal for applications where an instant permanent fix is required with only roller pressure to consolidate the bond. 

Chemique Adhesives’ polychloroprene range is available as either a flammable or non-flammable solvent and in sprayable, brushable and spreadable grades, providing a solution for almost any scenario.

When used to bond certain materials polychloroprene adhesive is also known as neoprene adhesive glue, or neoprene spray adhesive. Other popular applications for neoprene adhesive include: 

  • Foam Conversion

  • Equestrian

  • Rubber Conversion

  • Partitions & Cubicles



  • Excellent hot strength
  • Variety of viscosities
  • Flammable and non-flammable versions
  • Postforming
  • Dyed for ease of use
  • High tack
  • Superior heat resistance version available 


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