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The Sabatack sealant product line is a versatile range for sealing various substrate materials together. They are specially formulated sealants for the transportation industry and marine industry. Sabatack provides simple and advantageous processing, speed and reliability of adhesive joints, improved construction rigidity, and superior acoustic and vibration absorption. Benefits of Sabatack include the following:

  • Easy to apply, permanent elastic and flexible
  • Fast skin times, paintable wet on wet
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Ideal for a range of substrates including difficult to bond materials
  • Primer-free adhesion on a wide range of substrates
  • Specialty UV resistant sealant

SABA Cleaners and Primers

Failing to properly prepare surfaces for bonding sealing can be costly.

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Sabatack 715

One component elastic MS polymer adhesive for bonding teak and PVC deck.

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Sabatack 720

Sealant for light bonding and standard sealing.

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Sabatack 750/750XL

All-around sealant for most repairs, fitting and maintenance work.

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Sabatack 760

Sealant for quick bonding and sealing of windows and windscreens.

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Sabatack 780

All-around adhesive and sealant for general repairs, fitting and maintenance work.

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