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Professional-Grade Synthetic Turf Adhesives

Turftak is an advanced new adhesive range developed for the installation of artificial turf in commercial, professional, and residential applications.

This innovative adhesive range consist of products that are solvent-free, void of isocyanates, and produce no volatile organic compounds (VOCs for short) making them safe to use in more sensitive environments such as indoor arenas.

These artificial turf adhesives aim to bring installers into the new decade with products that are easy to use, safe for the workers and environment, low-waste and deliver on the quality results Chemique is well known for.

  • Performance grade, fast setting with high initial tack
  • Exceptional bond strength, permanently flexible
  • Solvent-free, safe for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Excellent shock absorption and natural response to foot traffic
  • Moisture proof, high weather resistance
  • Ideal for commercial, professional and residential turf installations
  • Bonds to all types of turf, underlay and substrates
  • Increased control over bonding process and ease of application


Turftak1 One-Part Synthetic Turf Adhesives

Turftak1 Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Turftak1 is a solvent free artificial turf adhesive safe for indoor and outdoor applications

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Turftak2 Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Turftak2 Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Turftak2 is a solvent free, two component artificial turf adhesive suitable for a wide range of weather conditions

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Turftak LV

Turftak1 LV Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Turftak1 LV is a low viscosity, solvent-free polyurethane adhesive formulated for easy application and faster cure times ideal for turf installs and repair.

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Turftak SMP Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Turftak SMP is an innovative one component moisture cure SMP adhesive that is ideally suited to wet surfaces

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