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aircraft seating

Aerotak – Aircraft Seating Adhesives

Aerotak CAS 201FR adhesive has been specially developed for the aircraft interiors industry and is internationally recognised as a leading product for use in the manufacture of aircraft seat covers.

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Axil – Manufacturing Adhesives

Developed to solve today’s most complex bonding issues, Axil’s range of manufacturing adhesives includes water-based, solvent-based and polyurethane adhesives covering a variety of applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Two aerosol spray cans

Bondseal – Aerosol Adhesives

Bondseal sprays are available in flammable and non-flammable versions and have been specially developed for quick and convenient spray applications that are perfectly suited for bonding foam, bedding, office seating and furniture, as well as a wide variety of substrates including wood, plastics, metal, insulation, foam, fabric, cardboard and paper, where a soft bond line is required.

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Protak – Packaging & Woodworking Adhesives

The Protak range includes a variety of solvent-free and water-based industrial adhesives, primarily for the foam, furniture, joinery, mattress manufacturing, packaging, vinyl wrapped doors and woodworking industries.

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Yachts lined up in marina

SABA – Marine Grade Adhesives & Sealants

SABA offer a variety of MS polymer adhesives and sealants to bond every substrate used in the marine and transportation market.

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building made of panels

Solfre – Panel Lamination

Solfre consists of a range of specially formulated polyurethane (PU) adhesives, ideal for panel bonding and providing an exceptionally strong bond.



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roll of artificial turf

Turftak – Artificial Turf

Turftak includes a selection of one and two component polyurethane adhesives for use in the installation of artificial turf. They provide users with versatile, reliable, and easy to use options for bonding a variety of substrates and joining tapes, both indoors and outdoors.

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