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Bondseal Ultimate spray adhesive is part of a new generation of automotive grade adhesives with a high solid content and excellent grab – the newest arrival in a new generation of synthetic rubber and resin adhesives.

Bondseal Ultimate spray is a high strength, high solids, low-solvent sprayable contact adhesive that provides quicker, stronger and more aggressive results, easily outperforming conventional aerosol adhesives.

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Application methods

Bondseal Ultimate has long been used within the automotive industry as its eco-friednly aerosol propellant delivers top performance in higher temperature ranges. It is ideal for jobs within the automotive and speciality vehicle industry, such as bonding overhead panels.

Bondseal Ultimate adhesive also bonds a variety of materials found across many industries and uses including:

  • Slate, glass, wood & metals
  • Laminates
  • Fabrics, foam & felt
  • Carpets & carpet tiles
  • Rubber, polythene & plastics
  • Concrete, brickwork & stone
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