Turftak1 - One-Component Polyurethane Adhesive

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Turftak1 is an easy to use, polyurethane adhesive formulated for bonding synthetic turf to a variety of substrates or joining tapes. This high quality one component adhesive offers incredible bond strength, retains flexibility, and requires no mixing for ease of application.

Once cured, Turftak1 provides excellent shock absorption properties, while still retaining a natural feel and good response to high foot traffic. This moisture cure polyurethane adhesive is safe to use in both outdoor and more sensitive indoor environments such as sporting arenas.

Gap filling properties

This artificial turf adhesive exhibits a thixotropic nature which helps to gap fill slight voids between substrates whilst remaining easy to apply with a notched trowel. Upon completion of cure, Turftak1 produces a low foaming elastomer which is key to producing a strong yet flexible bond.

  • Portable & resealable
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Zero waste
  • Low foaming
  • No mixing required
  • Low hazard
  • Solvent-free & dyed green
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Turftak – Artificial Turf Adhesives

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