Chemique Adhesives Engineers New Adhesive Solutions For Improved Efficiency in The Construction Industry.

Chemique Adhesives are proud to show off our latest PSS Application Systems designed and built by our talented engineers for advanced composite panel bonding.

Chemique Adhesives advances adhesive application with the PSS Application System that facilitates precise metering and dispensing with two-component PU adhesives. PU’s can applied by spraying or beading onto substrates to maintain quality control and increase production rates over conventional means. The machines have been developed for use with any of our two-part polyurethane adhesives, ideal for panel bonding as they provide an exceptionally strong bond.

PSS Spray System

The PSS system uses two components which are gravity fed from either totes or drums to a metering unit that controls ratio and output.

The metered components are then fed to a dispense head that brings together the two components, the mixed adhesive can then be dispensed for bead, spray or roller applications as required.

Variable Ratio PSS Unit

The Variable Ratio PSS Unit is more versatile in ways such as ratio, speed, and product range. The system is set up with two shafts, two sets of pulleys and two different drive belts, allowing it be changed for various ratios that work with any of our two-part adhesives.

Due to its versatility, this machine can be used for every job the standard PSS Unit that we engineer allows, plus more!

The built-in timer allows for more precise time-dispensed applications. When the timer trigger is released, it will dispense the correct amount of product needed for that panel and then stop at the end of the timer. It is also capable of having a boom arm attached for the customers that prefer the adhesive hose to be up and off the floor.

The Solfre brand consists of a range of specially formulated solvent-free polyurethane (PU) adhesives, ideal for panel bonding. The range offers excellent adhesion to many substrates – including metal, plastic, wood, honeycomb and insulation materials – with grades that can be tailored to a specific panel construction, allowing for flexible through to rigid bond lines.

The Chemique Adhesive Total Service Package includes full engineering and technical support and provides AIM with total peace of mind as equipment is regularly serviced and after-sales support guarantees smooth implementation and operations.

Chemique Adhesives offers a range of high-performance adhesives and sealants that are designed for the rigorous demands found across industries, such as structural bonding and sealing. If you would like to inquire about a specific application of adhesives for your operations, then please contact one of our team members today and we can help to design and build a system that works for you.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.

Let’s connect and form the perfect bond. Contact us today about your adhesive requirements.