New Year, New Products: Chemique Adhesives Kicks Off 2019 with Two New Bondseal Structural Sealants

New Year, New Products: Chemique Adhesives Kicks Off 2019 with Two New Bondseal Structural Sealants for Construction, Transportation, Commercial Manufacturing, and Marine.

Never willing to settle for mediocrity in the space of solvent-free adhesives and sealants, Kennesaw based Chemique Adhesives has developed a new single-component, fast curing polyurethane sealing and bonding compound ideal for a variety of industries including: construction, transportation, commercial manufacturing, modular construction and other areas where movement and vibration are of major concern.

1128 iiThe new fast-curing high modulus polyurethane sealant, Bondseal 1128, builds on the successes of its predecessors by utilizing a new advanced formulation improving the rheology and significantly lowering the isocyanate content for ease of application, excellent slump resistance, and increased product safety. This new industrial sealant can be easily applied using a standard cartridge caulking gun making it ideal for manufacturing applications of various size and scope.

"We have been working closely with manufacturers to develop a sealant that was not only easier to apply, but also safer to the end user and retained the strong sealing and bonding properties necessary for today’s demanding applications.” said Mark Waring, National Sales Manager for the United States. “The final product is a very cost effective single component polyurethane sealant that both seals and bonds a wide variety of materials including FRP, GRP, Gel-Coat, Metal, Plastics and wood.”

For increased strength and durability in the harshest environments, there will be a marine-grade formulation of the adhesive available for purchase known as Bon1128dseal 1128 Marine. This formulation is like Chemique’s Bondseal 1128, but with added properties offering higher performance in applications both above and below the waterline, and in scenarios where increase resistance to salt and brackish water, shock, vibration, swelling or shrinking is a major concern. Both Bondseal 1128 and Bondseal 1128 Marine formulations come in white, gray, or black color configurations dispensed through standard 300ml cartridges with a shelf life of up to 12 months in unopened containers.

Bondseal 1128 polyurethane sealants expand a technical range of industrial adhesives and sealants designed with structural bonding properties and high bond strength in mind. Bondseal products can be used in place of mechanical fixers, offering superior performance when bonding metal and thermoplastic substrates. This adhesive and sealant range for manufacturing consist of clear polyurethane adhesives and potting compounds, flammable and non-flammable aerosols, in addition to a new generation of polyurethanes and methacrylate adhesives and sealants, which are viable alternatives to more hazardous products traditionally used.

To find out more or to enquire about Bondseal adhesives and sealants for your application, contact Chemique Adhesives today.

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