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SABA adhesives


SABA adhesives

With nearly 90 years’ of experience, we are proud to be in partnership with SABA – a global player in high-quality adhesives and sealants, and together, we have been able to offer outstanding adhesive solutions for every foam and furniture application.

Benefits of SABA adhesives include:

  • Variety of adhesives to bond every substrate used in the foam and furniture market
  • Complete range of adhesives for the foam market – water-based and hot melts
  • Roller coat, spray and bead options
  • Ideal solution for difficult substrates such as plastics, wood and metal
SABA adhesives

Foam & Furniture Applications

SABA offer a comprehensive range of adhesives for a broad spectrum of applications including:

SABA Rollable Cold Cure Water-Based Adhesives – Developed specifically for the foam processing industry and is an ideal solution for bonding foam to foam and foam to various substrates.

Hot Melt Adhesives – A high performing, user-friendly solution for mattress manufacturing.

SABA Produce & Pack Adhesives – A leading solution for the ‘bed in a box’ rolled mattress design. This system allows for a mattress to be roll packed immediately, whilst avoiding any pinching issues or unpleasant odours.

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Adhesive Application Equipment

Here at Chemique, not only can we assist in helping you find the perfect adhesive but we can also provide the ideal application equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Adhesive Application Equipment

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